On Trend: Backyard Weddings

I love intimate weddings, and I am so excited to see a trend in backyard weddings! Nothing gets more intimate than a celebration in the backyard with only those nearest and dearest to you. From elegant affairs in the yard of your grandparents’ estate, to rustic chic weddings in the backyard of your fiance’s childhood home, to taking over a half acre of your family ranch — these intimate wedding celebrations are simply too cute to handle! The meaningful location and comfort adds an enviable touch to your big day. Plus saving on venue costs let you splurge a little more in other areas like photography, decor, or day-of coordinators.

There are definitely some extra things to keep in mind when hosting a backyard wedding, though! Below are six tips to keep in mind:

Backyard Wedding tips | amanda.matilda.photography

Tips for a Backyard Wedding

  1. Port-o-potties. With probably at least 50 guests or more, please do not count on Backyard Wedding tips | amanda.matilda.photographyeveryone using the one bathroom in your mom’s house! There are a few portable potty options in the valley to ensure everyone’s needs are met for your celebration. Trust me, this is just one thing you do NOT need to be worried about on your big day!
  2. Planners are your friend. It is actually a lot trickier in the planning stages to throw a backyard wedding than it is getting married in a big banquet hall! A planner is worth their weight in gold to help ease the little stresses and manage the details that come with unique celebrations like these.
  3. Check the ordinance. The last thing you want on your wedding night is the cops showing up to shut theBackyard Wedding tips | amanda.matilda.photography party down. If your backyard has noise ordinances after a certain time of night, be sure to note that beforehand. It’s usually not too big of a deal to wrap up the DJ service by 10 or 11 pm, even if the wedding party plans to kick it until nearly dawn 😉
  4. Plan B. We all know Colorado weather is unpredictable and downright weird. You’ll need a Plan B in case of rain! Whether it’s tents from one of our amazing rental companies in the area, or an indoor option, be sure to consider a backup. And for that matter, if you’re doing a backyard wedding in one of our chillier months, consider renting portable heat stands and/or having blankets for guests!Backyard Wedding tips | amanda.matilda.photography
  5. Parking. Your guests will need a place to park! Whether you’ve got an alfalfa field for folks to utilize or an extra long driveway/lot space consider your guest list and make sure there’s room and a plan for everyone. It’s a nice extra special touch if you’ve got your ushers running ATVs for folks to get back to the parking space at night!
  6. Light the way. If your celebration will be going well into the night, make sure you’ve considered lighting. Backyard Wedding tips | amanda.matilda.photographyMany of your younger guests will have flashlights on their phones, but don’t rely on that. Lighting adds to the mood and a lot of your older guests will appreciate the gesture. Cafe lights, twinkle lights, lanterns, and more are great solutions to keeping your guests safe in the dark!

I am so excited about the backyard weddings I’ve got on the books this year! Intimate celebrations along with romantic and amazing vistas are what I live for! ♥

If you’re having a backyard wedding and still looking for a photographer – let’s chat! There are very limited dates remaining in 2017 and I’m now booking into 2018, so contact me soon to save your day.

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