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Choosing to Elope


When you make the decision to put yourselves first on your wedding day, it can be a scary decision at first!



Maybe you started planning a traditional wedding, but everything felt all wrong.

You knew that as much as they’d be trying to help, your family and friends would ultimately change your ideas and plans for the big day.

The idea of being the center of 100s of people’s attention all day sounds like a nightmare.

You knew that throwing a big party actually meant you wouldn’t have time to see everyone, or spend time with your new spouse.

You believe your wedding day should be an intimate celebration focused on your love for each other and who you are as a couple!





Imagine your wedding day that’s completely about your love for one another.

Imagine feeling fully comfortable in front of the camera, knowing your photographer will gently guide you to look your best.

Imagine spending your entire wedding day together, exploring an incredible area and doing what you love.

Imagine receiving dozens of images of your best day ever, and getting to keep every one with no extra charge.

Imagine spending a fraction of the money on your celebration, so you can save that money toward an incredible trip or a down payment on a new home.

Imagine having the flexibilty to plan your perfect day, whether that includes a morning hike, a dip in a hot spring, or the most incredible alpine lake backdrop. Your day is fully your own.

Imagine reliving the best day of your life every time you look through your photographs.


Sound incredible? Your wedding day can be anything you want.

Your Wedding Day Should Be All About You

Focus on the reason you’re making these promises, and what has brought you to this place!

Eloping can look like anything you can dream. Let’s plan your perfect wedding day.

Get More Out of Your Wedding Day


Whether you spend the day exploring the mountains in your Jeep…

or hiking with your closest loved ones in Arches National Park…

or checking out the local breweries after a dip in a natural hot spring…

the possibilities are endless when you create your own elopement celebration!



Sound fantastic?

Elopement Inspiration

Pete & Deanne | Adventure Session in Crested Butte

Pete & Deanne | Adventure Session in Crested Butte

When Deanne first approached me with...
Josh & Tiffany | Mountain Elopement in Ouray

Josh & Tiffany | Mountain Elopement in Ouray

Josh and Tiffany's elopement in Ouray...
Solomon & Laura | Micro Wedding in Marble

Solomon & Lauren | Micro Wedding in Marble

"Oh, will wonders ever cease? Blessed...
Ivan & Carissa | Casual Elopement in Crested Butte

Ivan & Carissa | Casual Elopement in Crested Butte

Not every elopement has to be a big...
Maranda & Jarrett | Silverton Elopement

Maranda & Jarrett | Silverton Elopement

Maranda and Jarrett had the perfect...
Julie & Bobby | Moab Elopement at Dead Horse Point

Julie & Bobby | Moab Elopement at Dead Horse Point

Julie first approached me about their...

Elopement Photos

Cullen & Stesha | Sunrise Elopement on the Colorado National Monument
Hey there

  I’m Amanda

I specialize in drinking chai tea lattes, and watching Gilmore Girls reruns! I also specialize in creating genuine, vibrant, and unique photographs for modern and adventurous couples.

My mission is to beautifully capture the story and scenery of your celebration and to provide genuine, emotional artwork for my wedding photography clients. As an elopement photographer in Grand Junction, I aim to provide the most memorable, simplified and fun experience while helping every step of the way through the planning journey!


I’m originally from Iowa, and love meeting people with the same connection – it’s a small world!

There is no better sight than a clear night sky at 10,000 feet

One of my bucket list goals is to visit every state, and I’m over halfway there!

My first word was cheese and I’m still an addict to this day

I’m always thrilled to serve LGBTQ+ celebrations!

If I could only visit one other country in my life, it would be Greece

When I find out jeeps or ATVs are needed to get to your session destination I do a happy dance!

I’m totally a crazy cat lady.

Yes, I have seen the entire Gilmore Girls series (and the new ones!) multiple times, and yes, I’d love to talk about that ending with you!

What is Eloping with Amanda Like?

Amanda is the perfect wedding photographer. She’s efficient, she gets absolutely all the shots you want and those you didn’t even know you want, and she just blended into our event perfectly. The photos perfectly captured the whole day and I feel like I can easily relive it just by looking back at the photos. I highly recommend Amanda.


We used Amanda for our wedding and she is the BEST! Our photos turned out amazing and she captured the feel of our night perfectly. She’s also such a cool person and really fun to hang with 🙂 We didn’t want her to leave at the end of the night!


If you want perfect wedding photos, as well as to work with a genuinely kind and caring person-look no further!


Amanda was incredible! She responded within minutes and we were able to “meet” her virtually to discuss our vision. Amanda is friendly, professional, and made us feel comfortable instantly. She collaborated with us to create the perfect vision for our elopement day. When we got the photos, my husband said, “She made us look like models!” She really did. We were able to buy printed photos from Amanda’s website for great prices, too. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer!


Ready to plan your adventure?

If you missed it… here are more elopement photos!

Dani & Aiden | Elopement at the Woods Walk in Crested Butte
Kayton & Amanda | Moab Elopement at Arches National Park
Cullen & Stesha | Sunrise Elopement on the Colorado National Monument
Blake & Emily | Ghost Town Elopement Adventure in Ouray
Elizabeth & Josh | Elopement on the Colorado National Monument
Cullen & Stesha | Sunrise Elopement on the Colorado National Monument
Blake & Emily | Ghost Town Elopement Adventure in Ouray
Megan & Chris | Crested Butte Elopement
Trista & Daren | Crested Butte Wedding at the Woods Walk